Business Funding: What Investors Look For

You Will Learn Everything in Life Using One of These Four Methods

The Right Way: (the law of proxy, gaining knowledge from other people’s experience and expertise, and through reading about history.)

The Hard Way: (by your own labors, egotism, inexperience, overconfidence, trial and error. = “The school of hard knocks.”)

The Long Hard Way: (This way may be necessary before real positive change can take place. However, this way is better than never learning the lesson at all. People may very well see the journey they are on and have the solutions; but, they are hanging on to something that keeps them on the wrong road so in the end this experience will not be for nothing.)

Never: (Where we continue making the same mistake constantly, isn’t that the meaning of insanity, thinking the mistake will not happen even if we keep doing the same thing over and over again?)


VISION: Investors look first and foremost for two things; do you understand how people view your vision and can you present your vision in a clear and concise way. If either the Investor or you cannot see both sides of the coin and have an intelligent conversation, then you will not receive the funding you need.

COMPATIBILITY: Your vision must be compatible with the Investors’ business funding method to be successfully financed.

STRATEGY (IES): Proper Business Funding will only be achieved by being opened to taking advantage of different strategies such as submitting many applications and going for different types of business funding.

SUBSTANCE: Does your business plan have value? Does it show Investors the necessary elements such as; demand for your product or service, positive growth, reliable information, etc.? You will only get business financing if you meet their guidelines.

SUPPORT: In what capacities can Investors support your business/project? This is important as 60% of all start ups are relying on their business/project to support them and their families through this entire business funding process!

YOU: You are the Wild Card to obtaining business funding! If you put in the time, determination, and dedication to working through the system you will be successful. However, decide to speed up the process by taking short cuts and you will fail.

BUSINESS PLAN, APPLICATIONS, and PROPOSALS: This is what has to be completed and it has to be done right to make the right impression! Whatever, you do regardless of quality will make an impression; to save yourself a headache make sure it’s the right impression the first time!

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