Worthwhile Tips on Award Winning Savings

Imagine if people were rewarded for saving the most money during the course of a year and that there were all sorts of programs rewarding and applauding those efforts.  Just think how neat it would be to see an awards show on television dedicated to thrift.  If there were such a show, my spouse would get the Lifetime Achievement Award for using Groupon Coupons to save us tons of money.  There’s hardly anything he can’t apply a Groupon to.

I don’t think it’s strange now, but I used to get offended when ever I got a coupon for a gift instead of something that took a little more effort on his part.  Like picking out a nice bottle of perfume.  But since I started piling up the cash we save by using these Groupons, I must say he’s really made a believer out of me.  I would nominate him for that award myself if it existed.  Just the other day I called up a Groupon on my smart phone and saved more than 60% on a fancy massage at a local spa.  As soon as I walked in for my appointment I knew I was in for a treat.  The zen like ambiance was so soothing.  Soft music played in the background as I perused the menu of services.  I chose the deep-tissue massage and can’t wait to have a couples massage.  I know he’d like that since it would cost less than half the price of what we would ordinarily pay.

I really like the ease of using Groupons and so do my family and friends.  After all, a family that saves together stays together.  Awarding people for being smart with their money might just be the best way to start a trend toward thriftiness.  If you’re looking for a tip on saving some dough, do a search on Groupon coupons and see how many amazing items they have to offer.  And if you are a new customer you can earn an additional $25 dollars by using the special code provided.  Anyway you look  at it using a Groupon is a smart move.  And if they ever make an award for saving money you can bet I’ll be mentioned in my husband’s acceptance speech.