LH-Crypto by Larson&Holz broker – a new service from a reliable broker

Often we hear that brokers are cheating, do not withdraw money, and in general, unfairly perform their work. But here there are two variants of events. First, even if the broker is a fraud, why contact such a broker. Yes, there is a reason for claims, but it all depends on the client. Secondly, why blame the broker if the customer lost the deposit. Here, the fault lies entirely with the trader. So he traded. And not otherwise. Considering the positive and negative points, the eyes of the brokerage company Larson&Holz. Having shown interest, we decided to dig deeper and find out what are the advantages and disadvantages of the company. Deciding not to open America, but to follow the path of the majority, we naturally turned to the reviews. What can I say. There are negative reviews, but most of the reviews are in the green zone. That is, positive. Some write that Larson&Holz is fraudulent. She should not trust money, and everything else. Many people say the opposite. Like, the company Larson&Holz excellently performs its work, and in general, customers do not complain. But feedback reviews, but while he himself does not check the company in the case, complain or praise is not worth it. Going to the official site of the company Larson&Holz, was struck by the amount of information. The reviews had to read about the complexity of navigation. But, there is one big BUT. First, the company does not hide anything from its customers. And it pleases. Secondly, how else to place all available information. One, little information is bad. A lot of information is also bad. As for me, let it be better to have a lot of information than it will not be at all. At least, the broker is trying to please his clients, and proves it in practice. Do you want to learn to trade? You are welcome. The site has quite a lot of material about learning. Do you want to trade? Let’s trade. Larson&Holz provided many services to create ideal conditions. Do you want to invest? Forward. On the site you can contact professional traders and trust them with your money. Do you want to start from scratch? Sure, not a problem. A multi-level bonus system is developed according to all the rules of the logical system. In general, any client, no matter how fastidious he was, on the site of the company Larson&Holz will find exactly what it is looking for.

As for learning, this is a separate issue. The client is invited to take a course from the beginning, and to the end. And a full course, not a couple of days of intensive therapy. Characteristically, training is divided into several categories. The first category is for beginning traders. The approach of Larson&Holz to this question is surprising. But we all know that most of the clients of any brokerage company are beginning traders. It is in this direction that the company has set priorities. Educate novice traders with what is really needed in trading. The approach of specialists who conduct training is evident. There are no superfluous words about high profits, and there is also no talk about how to make money quickly. On the contrary, money is not made quickly, and the amount of profit depends only on the trader. Nobody tries to mislead a trader, telling how a state can be put together on some trading indicator. But this is not the main thing. Important is the attitude of the company’s employees to its customers. And for convenience, not only distance learning was introduced. Now you can go through the course even locally. That is, a client who wants to complete a full course of study can contact the customer care department. This is some kind of analogue of technical support. So, turning to this service, Larson&Holz employees will help the client to pick up the nearest partner center. The client is enrolled in the training course, and gets what he or she wants. But the full course of study is paid. But it would be surprising if it was free. Experts train the client, and the loss of time, too, is worth something.

Therefore, it is not necessary to complain. And moreover, the client can return some of the money spent for studying. We will describe this below. Thus, training takes place. Well, if the client prefers distance learning, the website of Larson&Holz has a schedule of upcoming sessions. But if the client is not satisfied with the time of the training, or he simply can not currently be at the monitor, there are videos. They are also divided into sections. There is a section for beginning traders, all the videos of which are aimed at the basic set of classes. The next section, for more experienced traders, in which you can find a video about the fundamental factors, and their impact on financial markets. Well, a section for professional traders who will be offered to learn trading, based on algorithmic actions. And there is even a section for those who prefer automatic trading. Do not be surprised, this section will be of interest to those who want to learn how to create automatic trading systems. That is, trading systems that work without the participation of a trader.

We got to the next moment. This is the bonus system of the company. There are legends about the bonus system. It really is, in a way, a gold mine. After passing a quick look at all levels of bonuses, it seems that you can get a bonus even for inaction. In part, this is so. There is a direction that implies this. In the literal sense of the word. This is the accrual of interest on the deposit. Naturally, the banking system of deposits and interest to them immediately comes to mind. The company Larson&Holz, although not part of the banking sector, but interest on the deposit accrues. True, the size of the deposit must be at least $ 3,000. But if the deposit is larger, or equal to this amount, the company guarantees the accrual of 10% per annum. Just think about it, if the bank accrues such interest, it’s only in the national currency. Well, here the client receives interest in dollars. Another interesting bonus. Not a lot, not a little, but a hundred dollars for a real trading account. In principle, it is called, no-deposit Forex. The bottom line is that when registering a no-deposit trading account, a beginner trader receives one hundred dollars as a bonus. He is given three days to squeeze out the maximum profit from the trade. It’s in his interest. After three days, trading stops, and the trader takes profits for himself, giving the brokerage company Larson&Holz a hundred dollars. The profit is transferred to one of the trader’s trading accounts, if available. If not, the money will be transferred to the balance of the account. All is fair. The company Larson&Holz gives an opportunity for a beginning trader to start from scratch. You do not need to enter your own money. We work only on company money. Maybe it sounds strange, but the company gives you three opportunities. After the no-deposit account is closed, the trader again has the opportunity to reopen the no-deposit trading account. Note the second time. Again, the trader has three days to trade. And so three times. After the third no deposit account is closed, the opening function is automatically turned off. For this account. Naturally, such a bonus pushes some traders, as they say, to a crime. New accounts are opened. Registration under himself. All these machinations have long been known. Therefore, the company Larson&Holz tried to protect itself from such figures. Mandatory verification procedure. And to pass it it is necessary at registration. Previously, you could go through it at any time. But now it must be done immediately. A non-verified client will not be able to open a trading account, and generally, the possibilities of an unverified account are minimal. In fact, you can only read the material on the site. The third type of bonus. About him we mentioned earlier. Return of a percentage of the cost of a full course of study. The essence of the following. Let’s say the client paid for the full course of study. Let’s say it’s 1,000 dollars. I note at once, this is a simple example. Larson&Holz undertakes to return 10% of the course price to the client. It turns out 100 dollars. So, this amount will be transferred to the client’s trading account as a bonus. The benefit is obvious, as the trader learned and left money for trade.

While some say, others make money with the company LH-Crypto.